We are 3 young people living in Barcelona.
We got together one night to find ideas that could help make a positive impact on our planet and woke up to a responsible Cold Brew coffee company. A crazy coffee engineer, a journalist and a graphic designer, wanting to fight for better food and a better future. We are accompanied by people convinced that a better world is possible if we work in the right direction and put a lot of effort into it


The world needs great changes, a revolution towards a healthier and more sustainable planet for human beings and other earthlings. We really didn’t know exactly how to do it until we had a hell of a idea.If our biggest passion is coffee, why not to change the way people drink coffee and get activated?


Our challenge is to offer a drink with everything we look for in a coffee without any of the bad it can generate. We have worked for more than a year to offer a unique coffee experience that combines purity, aroma, flavor, health and activation in the most responsible way, without leaving negative traces on your body, society or the planet. Coffee, water and time, no lies.
Learn about our unique cold infusion process


We want to inspire and invite everyone to join the revolution for a better future by democratizing ethical, natural and transparent processes in the business. We are going to show the market that people is interested in principled products. This is how we accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable and responsible food system.By ourselves are very small … but together we can achieve great improvements on the planet.
Are you in?